You've just stepped off the bus from Ohio with a suitcase in your hand, eight dollars in your pocket, and a big old dream in your heart. You've come to L.A. to make it big as a model/actor/musician...

Sorry, friend. Dreams donít come true here.

Instead, welcome to the world of adult films!

Porn Star is a non-collectible, non-pornographic card game for 2-6 players in which you play the role of a producer of "adult films".

The concept of Porn Star is simple: produce the most (not necessarily the best) adult films and dominate the market. Some are easy and cheap to throw together in a weekend, others actually involve scripts or more than one take! Sometimes you'll be rolling in the cash from your Films, sometimes you'll need to beg, borrow or... something else! Gather the right Stars in your stable and keep the cash flowing to keep them from leaving you for your competition. If you have the right talent and a lot of green, the rest will all fall into place, right?

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